Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Still Here!!!

Oh my goodness, it has been more than a month since i have last posted here. And believe me, I have been itching to update my blog because i wanted to share all the things that had been happening for the past 4 weeks++.
My title for this post should be.... GOOD-BYEs ARE NOT FOREVER. But since it was way too long since i have last posted, I think the more catchy title for this post was the one up there.

Recently, my family made a big decision ( I mean - really BIG!!!) to move here to Australia. Yep! I'm already here and so far things are good except for the people -my family and my friends, and things I miss in the Philippines. They are moments that I'm just here, so quiet, thinking of why we made such decision. But hubby always comfort me with- this is all for Harvey, that I should not worry, that we are going to be Ok.

Before I left, eventhough i was so busy packing, I was still very fortunate to be able to attend a lot of scrapbooking events. A lot of scrapmeets happened last July and it gave me a chance to see a lot of my scrapping friends before i left.

Here are some snap shots....
EB@ Lasting Impressions:
Studio Azul's Scrapbuffet...this is a scrap till you drop event hihihi! so much fun! (first 3 photos courtesy of Ms Aurora Lim - thanks!)Dinner with friends after the SA event...Despedida Party @ Rekindled Moments {Thanks so much Merry Jane!!!} SE Garage Sale...Joined this because i have to dispose some of my scrap stuff before i leave.Then, my last mini workshop for Rekindled Moments Anniversary... I was also fortunate to have lunch and dinner with these fabulous groups of people....
My former officemates at CIAP.Two of my best buddies in College....My grannies at OB Montessori....The Girls of Pinoyscrapbookers......
And my scrapbooking buddies!!! I was very fortunate to have met these wonderful people. I will truly cherish everyone for everything you have done for me. I will miss you guys. That is why, I wanted this post to be entitled... Goodbyes are not forever.... because i surely will be back. Hugging you all!!! And thank you for all the wonderful experience.
PS: I would like to thank everyone who gave me the 8x8 layout. They are all beautiful and heartfelt. I never realize how many friends i have gained through this hobby. Thank you all!!! Will be sharing the album very soon!