Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scrappinmoms Idols 2008 - I made it to the finals!!!

Last night, Sept 26 2008, all the ladies were waiting for the big announcement by the organizers of Scrappinmoms Idol. The top 10 will be revealed anytime and all are anxious to know the results. Finally, the results was out at around 1 am in the morning...

Yahoo!! Im still included in the list. (oh no! what did i get myself into??waaah!)

Scrappinmoms round 6 - Six and counting...

Here are the ladies who are still in the running to be the next top model. Actually this is the last round before the finals, and for me this is the hardest. Aside from the materials requirement, we were also asked to answer the question... "Why Do I Deserve to be the Next Scrappin’ Moms Idol?" in a not so serious way. I had a hard time doing this... but it was fun. You can view my entry here. And you should take a look at all the entries here. I bet you will enjoy viewing each and every layout in the gallery.
Will compete with this fab ladies on October 4 in a 3 hour on the spot challenge. I really hope to be able to finish one LO since i consider myself a slow scrapper. Neway, I will not think of it as a competition anymore. I just want to have fun this time (duh! is that possible hehehe) I'm so happy to be able to make it to the finals. Congrats ladies!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrappinmoms Idol round 5 - Supersized it

Ive been wanting to give my blog an update with whats goin' on around but it seems that upto this moments im still overwhelmed wth all thats happening that i find it hard to update my blog. Actually, we are in round 6 of the idols right now but i just want to post about round 5 right now - first.

Neway, I was very lucky to still be in the running for the Scrappinmom Idol. So honored to be among these very talented ladies. For round 5, we were asked to dreate a layout with a supersized photo and make it asymmetric in design. This was the round i spent in the hospital. here is my entry for this... Round 5 entry. And here is the pics of those who are movin on...

thanks for looking!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Goodies from the Mail!!!

These have helped brighten up my week. While in the hospital, my Lola (grandma) called and she said, she saw a small package on door of my house. I was so excited that I told her to bring the small package with her when she comes over for a visit at the hospital. Then when she handed the package to me, it was from Scrapbook and Cards Today. Yup!! I guess im so lucky at winning RAKS hihi! I just made a comment on their new blog and here's what Ive got!!! I was choosen as one of the 10 lucky winners!!! Thank you Scrapbooks and Cards Today for these yummy Stamps!!! Love it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of my Hardest Week...

Yesterday, I was so happy about the grades Harvey got. Henry was so happy too that we went out to have dinner and he bought harvey a toy as his prize! Come Saturday, henry and I were up early because we supposed to have our medical exams taken that day... But when I was about to wake harvey up, He was burning hot!!! he got fever!!! I immediately had his temperature taken and i was surprized to read 39.8! I asked henry to help me give him a quick sponge bath. Then I gave hime medicine to lower his temp. Unfortunately, it has no effect! i became so scared of whats happening to my boy that time. I took his temp again and it rose to 41!!! then after 30 minustes of trying to put his temp down, it even went up more that 42 degrees!!! Henry prepared the car and i was rushing to get his baby book. yes, we are rushing him to the ER!!! I was so afraid of the super high temperature and I was so scared he might have convulsion. We arrived at the ER shortly and Doctors began to take care of him. Since our pedia doctor was in the hospital that time, We went there and have Harvey checked. While we were having his check up, he vomitted so the doctor adviced us to admit Harvey in the hospital. We immediately agreed. Everything happened super fast!!! Yesterday, we were just having a good time celebrating his achievement then the next day, he was being confined to the hospital. I was so tired and i really felt exhausted for the whole week.
I dont have a picture of our first day.. but to tell you, Harvey really felt bad. He was so quiet and cranky!
Our second day at the hospital. Still with fever and good thing my ever reliable Aunt was with me to take care of him!!! Thanks Tita Lina! This was his 3rd day pic. He was with daddy...
This was taken Sept 18 the day before we had our clearance to go home.Harvey pointing at the area where blood samples were taken.On the lighter side, I have a few scrapping deadlines to come too!!! so one time, henry and I was able to go home to get a few stuff, I immediately grab my big bag and put some scrapping stuff in! My husband was like.... "youre going to bring that???" I told him "YES!!!" I have to make a couple of LOs and I have a deadling for my Idol LO. I just could not let my first 4 rounds put in to waste for not submitting for this round. This was very hard because I only have a few stuff with me.. plus the thought that my son is in the hospital. But I also have to do this. I would rather be out of the competition because of a bad Lo rather that be out because I did not even try to submit. The deadline was Thursday 10 am. I just have my pics Wednesday and work on my page Wednesday night. Good thing my husband is always there to support me. ive asked him to submit everything for me in the morning at his office. so I was able to make it!!! I was able to submit my LO for round 5 of Scrappinmoms Idol.

Thursday night, I was able to finish 2 more LOs for my 2 DT work while harvey was sleeping at night. One for Mystical Scrapbooks and the other is for Scrappinkids.

Sharing to you the LO i've made for the Gladiator challenge over at Mystical. We were asked to make a page based on the following criteria...
1). 3 pics,
2). stitching
3). Made use of handmade embellishments (cut out pps)
4). inking (on all edges of pics, pps etc),
5). Used 5 colors (brown, cream, aqua, orange, yellow)
6) doodling
here is my take... Then for Scrappinkids, We are having a weekend of challenges... My challenge is Rub and Stamp and here is my sample LO for it... Im inviting you over at scrappinkids to join us there!!! there will be 7 challenges and 7 prizes to be given away.

One Proud Mommy!!!

Yup! Im so proud of my little boy. He just had his exams a week ago. and since this was his first, Im so scared if he will be able to answer questions correctly!!! Last Friday September 12, 2008 this is what i found when i opened his assignment notebook....
My heart pounded so fast... the results are out... I quickly turned the pages to page 10 and guess what???
I'm so proud of my son for getting these grades for the first trimester!!! It made me realize that all sacrifices are all worth taking. Being a SAHM is so worthy and rewarding afterall. I was so happy that we ate lunch out and bought him a prize. I bought him a book!!! And he was so happy!!!

A Day with Harvey in the Zoo!!!

Last September 10, 2008 Harvey had his first field trip to the Ark Avilon Zoo!!! of course, im with him and im so excited too because it is my first visit to that zoo too!!! Actually the weather that day was terrible!!! it rained so hard that there was flood everywhere on our way home. We arrived school aroung 2pm and Henry picked us up around 5:30 pm!!! he was caught in the traffic due to heavy rains and flooding. And it took us forever to get home. What is normally 20 to 30 minutes travel time to our place became 3 hours!!! We reach home 8:30 in the evening. Everyone was so hungry and super tired! Neway, i still had a blast with my boy earlier in the zoo. Sahring to you some of our pics there!

This pic was taken while waiting in the classroom... Harvey with his classmates...
Taken at the entrance of the Ark Avilon Zoo...
Feeding time!!! Harvey was so excited for this!!!
Brave boy.... I have no guts for this!!!

Harvey was so scraed of the owl's big eyes hehehe!

Look at this!!! a Parrot on top of harvey's head.

We just had a great time!!! I love going out with my boy!!!

Now were asking my husband for another visit at the main zoo!!! Im so excited!!! Hope it will be soon!

Scrappinmoms Idols Round 4 - Layers of Me

I've been out of the loop for a week... will tell you all about it in my next post. Just wanna share this news to you... Im still in the competition!Everyweek, requirements are getting harder and harder and honestly, everytime I'm waiting for the results to be out, im so nervous.
For round 4 of the Scrappinmoms Idols... we are asked to create a layout with texture and dimensions with only cardstocks and pattern paper. We are also asked to make our own embellishments. You can view my entry here. You can also view the other gorgeous entries here. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A dream came true.... CHATTERBOX!

Something happened a week ago... actually Ive been wanting to post this for the longest time now.. but internet connection wasnt cooperating this past few days.
Neway, the good news is.... I GOT A SPOT IN THE INTERNATIONAL DESIGN TEAM FOR CHATTERBOX!!! Its was almost unbelievable!!! When I received the much awaited email from Courtney of CB, I was chatting with my friend Merry Jane. The Subject of the email popped at the lower right side of the screen. When I saw it, my heart pounded super fast (and to think, I still havent read the body of the email hihi) then i immediately checked it out... They are askiing me if Im still interested in joining the team! My answer of course is a big YES!!! I couldnt contain my happiness that I asked Jane to call me that instant! I was so happy to break the news to her... and she was so happy for me too!!! I wanted to share the news to my other friends but It was 2 am in the morning!!! Everyone is fast asleep!!! I was so excited and still in shock. Ive read the email a couple of times just to be sure I understood what I've read hahaha! its really unbelievable!
You can view the announcement
here. Its really an honor to be working with these fab ladies in the team and of course with Chatterbox!
Here's the layout I've made with the materials they've sent me...
I've also made a mini book as my final entry... will share it to you soon! Thank so much Chatterbox, Courtney and the rest of the ladies for making my dream come true! I would also like to thank all my scrapping friends who greeted. Thank you so much!!!

Mini Me - Scrappinkids for September

When Wati emailed me of our assignment for the month, I immediately know what or which pic of Harvey Im going to scrap for this. Harvey is now going to school - the same school I went to some 20+ years ago. Im so excited because everytime I see him in uniform, it so reminded me of my first days in school too! Sharing to you my layout...

Im inviting everyone to join us in this challenge. details are posted here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lucky Scenic Route Day

I entered my layout "Stripped for a DIP" in Scenic Route's August Challenge... and guess what... I received an email for Layle Koncar stating that my LO was choosen as one of the winners for the month!!! Im so excited!! This is my second win in Scenic Route. Here's the announcement... For a nice view of my winning LO....And guess what, Ms Layle was asking which of the three new lines do I wish to get. She is letting me choose between Sonoma, Surprize or the Appleton lines. I want the Appleton line because I can use that especially now that harvey is on his first year of school. Im so excited... Thanks Layle!!! Now, have to watch out for Mr. Postman...

Gladiators over at Mystical Scrapbooks...

I was tasked to make a sample LO for challenge 4 of an on going contest over a Mystical Scrapbooks. For round 4 of the contest, I am only allowed to use 1 flower, 1 chipboard, 1 word title, 1 ribbon and 1 picture. Here's my sample LO for the round. I have scrapped the pic of my niece Sophia. Title: Sophia
Materials Used: Pink paisely PPS; Fancy pants chipboard; AC thickers; AC ribbonl MM paint acorn

Sketches 59,60 & 61 - Sketches by Tamara

This is my take for Tamara's Sketch 59....I have these pics of Harvey playing in an inflatable pool one morning... He had so much fun playing in the water.Title: Waterboy
Journaling: This boy love the water so much. he's so excited whenever he knows that we will allow him for a dip in this mini pool. So hard to put him out.
Materials Used: FP Felts; Buzz and bloom alpha tubby; KI Lace Cardstock; Cosmo PPS; White CS

Then this is sketch number 60....

This pic was taken during one of our visit to a friend in Serendra. harvey had so much fun playing i the slide and even made friends with this little girl.

Title: Play
materials Used: BG Cupcake PPS; And a few items from the studio azul kit.

And here is sketch 61....Ive been keeping this Easter Photos of my son Harvey. Im really glad I was able to use it now.

Title: Easter

Materials Used: Scenic Route Lynden Line

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scrappinmoms Idol Round 3 - Movement & Direction

Yippie!!! Im still so glad to see my picture as one of the remaining 23 contestant in the idol competition.
For this round, we were asked to make a layout that depicts movement and direction. We were also asked to use colored and black and white photos for this round. You can view my entry here. There rest of the entries can be viewed here.

Scrappinmoms Idol Round 2 - Color Theory

Wow Im so happy to be one of the 25 contestants who made it through...

Now round 2 requirement was posted and its about color theory. We were asked to use colors red, violet, orange and green on a layout using 5 different sized never been seen pics. Whew, this is becoming very hard... You can view my take here. And you can also view the rest of the entries here.

Scrappinmoms Idol Round 1 - Party time!

For this round, its about Repetition of Elements. We were asked to make a 4 pcs party set which includes a pop up card for invitation. I've never done a pop up card and this is one thing that is great about joining challenges... it makes you try things youve never done before. All of us 27 are still in the running for this. You can view my entry here. My element was the Cupcake and I have made a pop up card invite, Souvenir tin cans, pinata and a guest book. And ladies, be prepared to be amazed on what the other contestant have for this round. You can view all the fantastic entries for this round here. Gorgeous right?!

Scrappinmoms Idol 2008

Its the time of the year again... Scrappinmoms is hosting it's second Scrappinmoms Idol for the year 2008. It is a competition series wherein Filipina Scrappers can showcase their work and scrapping abilities. For this year, Im one of the 27 contestants in the competiton.

We had an elimination round in which we were asked to make a layout based on Ms. Ems' sketch which you can view here. And you can view my take on the sketch here. And all the othere entries here.

Boys will be BOYS...

This is a layout Is a sample I've made for Mystical Scrapbooks Domt Quote Me Challenge for the Month of August (DQM). Ive been waiting to scrap this pics of my Dear Husband Henry...
I am inviting everyone to head over Mystical to join our challenges... Hope to see you there!
Title: Boys will be BOYS...
Materials Used: (will list later)

Princess Bride

Here's a layout I've made using my wedding pic. I made this while waiting for Harvey in school. Talk about time management hehehe! and I really have to make use of the time! I was able to create this in the 3 hours I spent there waiting.
Title: Princess Bride
Journaling: i felt like a princess on my wedding day. with my beautiful white gown, flowers... everything was so perfect. Cant wait to be with my prince.materials Used: 7G PPs; 7G Tags; Primna flower; Buzz and bloom floral chipboard; CI chipboard; Scrapworks vinyl; Ac thickers; mm sticker alpha; metal flower; MM paint gold; versa black ink; ribbons lace;wrmk eyelets

Friday, September 5, 2008

Please comeback for a few updates....

I will super update my blog in a little while..... hope you'll come back to see it later. These past few days has been so incredible and I just wanted to share what has been happening. Im so thrilled!!! Please drop by later again thanks so much!!!