Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scrappinkids Beyond Kit

This is the second kit that Scrappin Kids Beyond has released. And Im so excited to work on these goodies! Here's the "Those moments" kit.
Ive made a mini book from it...

I also made a layout out of the other materials on the kit.

This kit is now available... you can contact Wati for your orders at... or you can visit the site at

Thank you Wati!!!!

Wow! A package arrived while I was with Harvey in school!!! And its from Wati!!!
Harvey was so excited to open it!!!Here's a better view of whats inside... its the September Kit from Scrappinkids beyond that I will be working with... (lovely!!! and all new products!!!)And the Rak that Wati gave me for being DT of Scrappinkids.. (ooohh!!! I so love these!!! Thanks so much Wati!!!)
And wait.... there's a Rak for Harvey too!!! maybe for being a great poser hihi!!!

here's a pic of harvey while begging to eat his goodies....And here he is after saying yes to his demand...Thank you so much Wati for this!!!!

Frames For Scrappinkids charity!!!

When Wati asked us if we could ask everyone to donate at least one altered frame... I thought it was nearly impossible to do that due to time constraints. but Im really glad that a lot has responded to our call here in the Philippines and we would like to extend out heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated.
Sharing to you the frames Ive donated. its just simple hihi!

I had so much fun doing this... thanks for looking!

August Guest Designer for Scrapbook Heaven

I've been meaning to post this... but I have been totally busy this month of August that I find it hard to even update my blog. At last I have the time now (actually I'll be scrapping again a little later hihi)
I have been chosen by Scrapbook Heaven as their Guest designer for Month of August!! And Im so excited for this as this is my first every Guest desiging spot. Shannon sent me these to work on...

The Kit was so nice!!! and so easy to work on. And here are the layouts I have done with it.

And I also made a mini book for them... Visit the other project made fromthis kits at...

Chatterbox Call Back Goodies!!!

I was about to go tot he post office to pick up something because a notice arrived. I was excited because for sure it was one of the scrapbook package that i was expecting. As i approach the gate, UPS stopped by our gate and was looking for me. my heart was pounding so fast!!! Im so excited. A box of goodies for me!!! I looked at it... and it came from Courtney Walsh of Chatterbox! Oh no!!! the materials are here!!! i cant explain what i felt... i felt happy, excited and so nervous..of course, everyone in the call back list was dreaming and hoping they would be considered into the team... but i know that we couldnt be accepted all at the same time...But here I am, continuing to hope (dreaming is free - right! hihi) But im really very thankful to be included on that list... at least I was noticed. But anyway, I just hope that I can give justice to these "Oh so yummy" goodies they've sent me... I was so nervous because this only means that I have to make my final entry to the call. and before cutting and tearing the lovely pps inside... i took a picture of it...of course for remebrance hihi!

Thanks so much for these!!!

MMM over at Mystical Scrapbooks...

Every month, we are conducting there Mid month marathon wherein each of the DTs are asked to host a challenge. I posted a simple easy to do of the page challenge for this. Alter your notebook. here are my sample for this...

Thanks for looking!

Online Crop at Scrappinkids

We had our monthly online crop over at Scrappinkids last August 9. I was so excited for this as Wati will be teaching us a new project again. A very unique mini book. Here's my shot at it... Thnaks for looking! and I invite everyone to join us over Scrappinkids for next month's crop!!! Go visit www.scrappinkids.blogspot and click on the forum for wonderful tutorials and projects being shared by the dts there. hope to see you!

Scrapjack Challenge at Mystical Scrapbooks

I have been tasked to conduct the scrapjack challenge over at mystical scrapbooks. I have to pick a layout that i like from the gallery and create a layout using its design. I have chosen a layout by KEA.
And here's my take on my challenge. Inviting everyone to join this and upload your entries in the Mystical gallery. Winner will get a prize pack from the site.

Embellished Idols - Round 6

Sharing to you my round 6 entry for embellished idols... the requirements was...Create your own embellishments - no store bought ones are to be used on the page and you must include plastic, metal and fabric. Page must contain at least 3 different handmade embellishments!The layout must contain Photo, title and journaling.

here's my entry for this round...
This is a picture of my son Harvey while staring at the waters...
metal - wire gauze used as stems of the flowers
Fabric - Old Towel used as leaves
Plastic - Cellophane (blue an red) as petals of the flowers
Materials used: BG Boxer pps; Ac Thickers; DCW Cardstock; Kaiser Paint Uniball signo
You can view all the other entries here.

Embellished Idols... Round 5

I'm on my 7th round at Embellished Idols...but since i have been slacking in updating my blog, i will start my posting with my round 5 entry.
Challenge 5 required us to..Your task is to scrap a "non-person" LO - sooooo there must be no people in the LO. This could be a LO on your dog, your fave coffee cup, a tree you love - that sort of thing. You must have a frame somewhere on the LO, as well as a title and some journalling.
here's my entry for the round...

Title: Truly Amazing

Journaling: i consider chesca a part of my family. She's sweet and always there to cheer me up when i get home from work. its really amazing how she does this. love this dog so much.

materials used: Inque boutique PPs; maya road Sheer blossoms; metal flowers, swarovski crystals; Hambly transparency; MM gold paint

You can view all the amazing entries here.