Friday, October 12, 2007

My Scrapfest 4 Experience (Shopping, Prices atbp.)

I slept late preparing my "things to bring" for the scrapfest idol challenge. Actually, I can't figure out which scrapbooking materials and how much to bring. I ended up borrowing a luggage from my sis-in-law Iris.

I woke up very early-excited and nervous at the same time. We arrived at the venue just in time. I saw familiar faces outside of Max's. We were all excited to shop!!! Some even have a list of scrap materials to buy! Then I saw Diane, my friend online. She came all the way from Bicol just to be with us during the scrapfest. I met Darlene, Techie, Issa, etc. All of us were chatting as we await for the doors to be opened.

Doors opened 10:00 am. We were like kids who received their lootbags from a birhday party. These are whats inside our loot...
There's also Del Monte Products and Working Moms Magazine inside.
We were given table assignments. All the idol participants were grouped together. I sat with Cabbie, Au and Issa. (The more I became nervous..hihi.)

After placing my things, Vanessa & I immediately headed to the shopping area. My first stop - Rekindled Moments. The owner, Jane is a very good friend of mine. (Congrats on your new store!!!) Wow! Lots of new scrapping goodies.. Here's what I got:

The picture on the right is my free pps from Jane.
Next stop was Lasting Impressions. I don't know what has gotten in to me... I'm loving chipboards!!! And she has tons on pps to sell!! Here's what I bought.

I also visited Visual Symphony. These are the things I got from Mitch...

Then headed for scrapbukan. At last, my order has arrived! Thanks Sahrie! Im so excited to use Mod Podge (courtesy of cabbie) and Diamond Glaze (saw this on Mitch's & Joanne's LO).

Guess what! I also won during the raffle! and TWICE!!! Here are the prices I got. Thanks Bookoto and Rekindled Moments for being so generous.

Then comes lunch time...the food was yummy but because I was really feeling really nervous and cold, wasn't able to eat well. After eating, Pia asked us to settle down for the Idol Finale debriefing. We were given the kits, final instructions and were given time for our last minute shopping.
I went to Helen and got this rub-on... (this was the one I used in my final entry) (refer to the previous picture above)
Passed by My Little Attic & Scrapbooks Hawaii, and got these...

I went store hopping...Im so overwhelm with so many scrapbook goodies...I'm in heaven I guess... I'm so excited to use them!!!
This Scrapfest was very memorable to me. I gained a lot of things...friends, confidence to showcase my work, a lot of firsts in my scrapping life.

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