Monday, March 16, 2009

The Result of Blog Hopping...

Everyday, I'm like an energizer bunny when in front of my computer. I hop and hop... sometimes staying more that i should be in front of the computer visiting blogs of friends for some scrapping inspirations, events etc... Then i came across BJAY'S Blog. I love reading her blog!!! very entertaining and informative! And because of what i saw on one of her posts this weekend, i ended up at Megatent -Sunday 11 a.m.

The moment I saw her post aboout the CROCS sale... I excitedly told Henry..."hey dad! me sale-CROCS!!!" and my husband's initial reactions was..."Naku, daming tao dyan...nakakatamad yan!" Then i insisted, "laki ng sale!!!! (the sale is BIG!) If were going to buy more than one pair..then it is worth to go there!!!"

So my ever loving husband finally gave in. We invited my MIL who is at the moment here in Manila as well as my 2 SILs to go with us. On our way, my husband was driving like crazy... Making a joke that we should be in a hurry because we might be encountering traffic and endless line just to go inside the tent and there may not have enough CROCS to chose from!

As we go near the venue... traffic sets in. So my husband told us to go down and walk. he would just go somewhere else to park our car as parking inside is full!!!

Then, we saw the line.... Yaiks!!! so long and curling! But we never gave up hope hahaha!!! We patiently endured the heat. Harvey was so thirsty and we are all hungry (its near lunch time!) so we bought sodas, BBQ and fries so that we'll have something to munch as we patiently wait for our turn to enter. Then the moment has come!!! we finally reached the door!!! Were in!!! my husband, who is not so fond of events like these, excitedly got a big platic bag!!!

So it begins!!! we search and search for the perfect pair.... My husband was so sweaty but he didn't mind. Normally, when he is sweaty, he easily gets irritated. But today, we are all in a happy state. Box after box, pile after pile. Our strategy was to get the pairs that has our sizes, put them all on the plastic bag, then after a few rounds, stayed on one corner and try all the shoes on. Harvey was so happy with his Spiderman Crocs! - his most fave of the crocs that were able to buy him.
Sharing to you some of our pics inside the tent!!!
Me looking so harassed but very happy hahahaha!!!Father and son leaving the scene...
And here is our loot! a pic what we've got...
Left to right... Harvey (blue), Henry (brown and black), Vani (SIL) (Violet and light green), Iris (SIL)(sky bue), Harvey (grey and another blue), My nephew (green) and for me (blue and the 2 reds!!!)

We are seriously in Crocs Heaven hahaha~
After the sale, weve decided to pass by Cash and Carry grocery to pick up a few things... and here is a pic of my poor boy... exhausted from the Crocs sale!!!
There you have it folks!!!


tanjawestwood said...

I can't believe ur little man falling asleep in the shopping trolley. Soooo sweet! Love ur work!!

pigmentations said...

mukhang di kayo masyadong prepared sa pamimili, ah... lalo ka na, ang konti ng napamili mo for yourself :)

WAHAHAHA! good scores, sis! di nasayang ang trip ninyo from your place to ortigas. henry is DA MAN!

*pero sa totoo lang, yesterday when we got home, felling ko binugbog ako :)


Mia Castrillo said...

wow! love your loot! love the blues and reds! ganda din yun para kay henry!

kailan kaya magkaka sale dito? im sure di papayag si mier, but i'll definitely go there to get the crocs. sarap sa paa eh! :D

Gracie Ann Tan said...

Wow that's a lot of Crocs! Sayang di kami nakapunta. Medyo malayo kasi. I would have bought a lot din siguro Kung nandon ako. Pati mga pang regalo na for Christmas. Hehe. Bihira pa naman mag sale ang Crocs dito. Poor Harvey, na-knock out tuloy. But at least he got his Spidey crocs. :)

Alby said...

Grabe! Di kinaya ng powers ko. :D I like your strategy ha. Very clever. And poor Harvey, sleeping in the cart. Must be very exhausted!

Wati Basri said...

oh gosh...that is dftly a Crocs galore!Adam loves his Crocs fact the whole family now wears Crocs as take a pic of you and Harvey with your Crocs ok!! and Harvey is too cute sleeping in that trolley :)
Great pic to scrap babe!

marking said...

Hi Cookie. Wow lots of Crocs loot. Harvey's so cute in the cart.

Sar said...

Oh Cookie, that is so funny!!! We are having a croc dilemma at the moment...Cooper kicked one of his over the fence at daycare so we're just hoping it finds it way back!! Cheers, Sar