Sunday, April 12, 2009

MIA since April 4 to 12!!!!

Yahoo!!! I'm back!!! So sorry for not leaving a word here. I was just swamped with things to fix here in our house (like packing of things, doing last minute household chores etc before going on a vacation.) I ran out of time to post about my whereabouts.
Where did I go? Henry, Harvey and I went to Samar. Its our province and gave our parents there a visit. We had so much fun there especially my littleboy who is now so dark because of his sun-burned skin. He just love the beach!!! and He was crying earlier when he learned that we are leaving. Anyway, I got so many pages, news and pics to share. I just have to arrange them first. I really hope you guys will drop by again tom to check my updates!!! I miss updating my blog.
When i was in the province, I had poor internet connection. In fact I only use my cellphone (and my Husband's cellphone) to connect. And it was so slow.... not even enough to make me upload any pics in any of the forums I am in and even in my blog! So begining tomorrow, will be updating my blog!!!
Neway, got to go now.... have to rest as we woke up very early this morning. Catch you all tom!!!

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to see your pages, ate cookie. and missed you! *huggies*