Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wow! Another Delivery!!!

Just after getting my October Afternoon kit, the mail man gave me a "mail card" (don't know exactly what you call it.) He said, I should go to the post office to get my package. I was expecting a prize RAK from Scenic Route. The mail card says that, i will be paying the amount of 35 pesos to claim my package. Very excited, I got my wallet and I immediately rush to the post office to get hold of it...
When I arrived, it was already 10 minutes to 5pm! There were no personnel manning the counters... I asked a lady there & she told me that the counters were already closed because it was already 5 in the afternoon. I went back to the counters hoping that somebody would assist me in getting my package since i still have a few minute before 5pm. Fortunately, an employee was kind enought to assist me. He let me in the office and asked me to wait because he was going to call the person-in-charge of releasing the package. When I saw the person carrying my box towards me, he asked for my identification. There goes the first problem... I dont have an id with my name as COOKIE - since it was only my nickname. So i really dont know what to present anymore so i told him that I know whats inside the box instead so that he'll have an idea that i'm expecting that package. Then, the second problem surfaces when he was asking me to pay him Php 1,500! I told him.."What?! bakit ang mahal? eh di nga yata aabot sa ganung amount ang nasa loob ng box na to?" He told me na..."eh yun talaga ang singil because nakadeclare na 100 dollars ang value ng box!" I answered him, "Ngee kung ganyan ang asked mo from me, dito nalang ako bibili ng kamukha ng nasa loob nyan, bka di pa ako umabot sa 1,500! After a little soft arguing, the person gave in. He told me, "Sige na nga, wag ko na raw bayaran, just pay the Php 35.00 but dont tell anybody." I gave him a 100, pero wala daw change sila! O well, siguro sa level na to, wala na ako magawa.
Its better to pay 100 that to pay 1500 diba kahit di naman dapat.
I really dont know how to go about these thing with the delivery of packages from abroad. Hope anyone who reads this will shed some light to my experience (rate etc..and how come it was not delivered to our house straight....) Neway, here's a picture of what i got from Scenic Route... ROXBURY!!! its so nice!!! Cant wait to use them too!!! Thanks Scenic Route for these!!!


janujennifer said...

hi cookie. ang mahal naman niyan! buti di ka siningil ng 1,500. buti na lang pag nagpadala si doc dito walang charge. sa tingin ko, with the advent of emails and text messages, konti na lang ang gumagamit ng post office. hopefully next time you won't pay that much.

jonaks said...

hey, standard is P35 pesos only for customs charge. gusto ko lang kutongan nun. when giving out address use your complete name na para hindi ka na magkaproblem next time.

great lay-outs talaga.