Friday, January 8, 2010

A Picture Heavy Post....

This morning was kinda gloomy around here... Good thing the sun came out right before my highschool friend Giselle and I and of course Harvey head off to the mall to buy a couple of stuff. I need to buy Harvey his pair of school shoes. Gosh, a few more days and my son is going to school here. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I really hope he will enjoy schooling here. This is a new experience for both of us. And I really pray to God that all will go well... that Harvey will have fun in school, that he gets good grades, that he gains new good friends and that nothing bad will happen to him.

Now for some layout sharing...
First layout is this mushroom shaped layout... Close Up...Title: You Now
Materials Used:Sei papers, MLS paper, AC thickers, Hambly Printscreen, MM mini alpha stickers, Black DCWV cardstock and coorbox ink - black

then for the next layout... its a Christmas page.Underneath the flaps....Title: Xmas in School
Materials Used: sassafras papers and diecut stickers; AC thickers; MM mini Alphas; Buzz and bloom cord fabric; DCWV white cardstock; Maya road chipboard house

then, just want to share a couple of photos during our First New Year here in Sydney.
Our train ride to our friends house...

New Years party....Watching the fireworks on the TV... My best friend and I...
Our Family photo...

Then the followng morning, we head off to Manly Beach to meet with our friends to have breakfast... our ferry ride...strolling the street of Manly Beach... time for our first meal of the year... I ordered for fish and chips! A shot by the beach... And harvey... who had a great time playing on the beach.
There you have it! thanks for looking!!!


LG said...

I adore that mushroom layout so much! Love everything about it. Kaka miss ka naman lalo. hope you had a great time there last new years eve.

Jingle said...

Those layouts are fabulous! I love the mushroom! So creative and fun! Looks like you've been enjoying yourself!

LG said...

Hi there!

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Chowchow said...

Cooks - that mushroom layout is def an original. I love the shape and Harvey's photos are so cute. Glad you had a great New Year's at the Manly Beach. Hope to catch up with you on fb soon. Take care.

Kerry said...

Cookie - love your layouts you're so talented. And Harvey is such a cutie - cant wait to see the school pics ;)

Anonymous said...

cooooks, you're so payat na, sis! and henry looks like a member of F4, I like his new hairdo!

can't wait to see how you rock your new sewing machine as well :)

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