Monday, April 28, 2008

Harvey's First Time to go to School

I have been looking for the perfect school for Harvey since February. I have one in mind but the location of the school is quite far from our place. But I love this school so much...that is where I also had my nursery days, too bad that their Makati branch transfered. But even though thats the case, I still insisted on it... My husband ask me if I was sure of it - because I will be the one who will be bring Harvey to school everyday. To cut the story short... Harvey availed their free 1 week trial. The teachers then will assess the kids if they are already fit to go to school or what level will they belong. Harvey was so excited about the whole idea of going to school. That week brought us some adjustments like waking up early in the morning to prepare his things etc... Henry was the one who brings us to school, then I have to wait for Harvey for about 2.5 hours then we are on our own in going home. And because I still dont know how to drive, we just took a cab home.
Here are a few pics of harvey during the 1 week trial...
Day 1....
I was so excited to see Harvey after his first day. He was rushing towards me and shouting "Mommy! Mommy!" He already have stories to tell plus He was already singing a song he learned on his first day! Makes me really proud!

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