Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chatterbox Call Back Goodies!!!

I was about to go tot he post office to pick up something because a notice arrived. I was excited because for sure it was one of the scrapbook package that i was expecting. As i approach the gate, UPS stopped by our gate and was looking for me. my heart was pounding so fast!!! Im so excited. A box of goodies for me!!! I looked at it... and it came from Courtney Walsh of Chatterbox! Oh no!!! the materials are here!!! i cant explain what i felt... i felt happy, excited and so nervous..of course, everyone in the call back list was dreaming and hoping they would be considered into the team... but i know that we couldnt be accepted all at the same time...But here I am, continuing to hope (dreaming is free - right! hihi) But im really very thankful to be included on that list... at least I was noticed. But anyway, I just hope that I can give justice to these "Oh so yummy" goodies they've sent me... I was so nervous because this only means that I have to make my final entry to the call. and before cutting and tearing the lovely pps inside... i took a picture of it...of course for remebrance hihi!

Thanks so much for these!!!

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kate blue said...

congrats! I tried out too for the US team but didn't make it-can't wait to see what you create!