Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a short update!!!

I will be drawing the winners of the RAKs tom. Will be posting the pics too!.. So sorry for the delay... We have been suspecting Harvey to have Sore Eyes since Saturday afternoon. I did not let him go to school earlier because of his eye condition and instead accompanied him to the doctor to have it checked. And it is Sore Eyes with Sore Throat!!! I was occupied the whole day taking care of him and administering eye drops ( which was very exhausting both for me and him because he hates it) and letting him take medicines, so I havent had the time to conduct the drawing of the RAK winners earlier.
Will do the drawing tomorrow, that will keep us busy (Harvey and Me) as he is still not allowed to go to school tom... and I just want to thank everyone who left wonderful comments on my post / blog!!! I really appreciate them all!!! Please come back tom for the winners!!! Thanks!!!


Wendy Smith said...

oooh dear...hope Harvey is better soon...poor little guy...take care x x x

Liza said...

HI Cookie! I am glad that Harvey has received the package. Hope he recovers soon! I love all of your latest layouts! They are Gorgeous!!