Monday, January 7, 2008

No Photos please!

This layout is one of my entry for Scrapperie's 2-month long challenge. The requirements was... we should make a layout without using any picture. This is the second time i'll be making a layout without a picture. One was during the Idol contest which I used the pregnacy test kit, harvey's hair and cord. This time, I used a card that was given to me by Henry 13 years ago... Here it is...
Title: Sweet Memories
Item: Missing U card
Journaling: This card was given to me by my husband some 13 years ago. This is one of my favorites because he wrote..."Missung u means missing e" (e-everything). Isn't that sweet? So lucky to be married to this man.. just couldn't imagine life without him...Materials Used: jenny Bowlin - black label; Vintage red tiny dot, Vintage black ledger; 7G Together Ensemble Sticko; JB Black labe sticker; Red ribbon

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