Friday, January 4, 2008

What a way to End/Start a Year!!! - i won Runner-up at Scrapperie!!!

Every morning as soon as i wake up... I immediately turn on the computer to check my mails... I browse at some sites then found out that Marj won in Scrappinkids Challenge. I excitedly ym-ed her regarding this... everything was so funny because she thought that I was congratulating her for winning in Scrapperie's 2-month challenge.. I haven't visited Scrapperie's site yet to see the results of the challenge, then she became to wonder when I told her that her daughter's pic was choosen too!!! Are we talking about the same thing? That's when we founded out that I was congratulating her on winning at scrappinkids challenge and she was also congratualting me for being a runner- up on the recently concluded Scrapperie challenge. (for marj's kwento, read here.)
I'm so happy we won!!! Marj was the grand winner, then me and Christine V. were the runners-up! Congrats to marj and Christine and to all the participants in this contest... It really feels good to hear something like this... I'm so overly HAPPY!!! Thanks Scrapperie for this very fun challenge!!!

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