Sunday, March 9, 2008

The day before the Fundraising Event...

It was friday, the day before the fundraising event for the Carmelite Sisters. Ms. Lee asked us if we could meet once more at her place for some more things to finish for the event. i brought along Harvey because i have no one to look after him. I fetch Ms. Lindy from her place, we just took a cab from vito cruz all the way to Quezon City. Henry is still in the office that time, he can only pick us up after our meeting.

First stop--- at Ms. Lee's house. When we arrived, Rachel and Khei were already there fixing the challenge kits! Then we helped, prepared captions etc.... on the other hand, harvey was so busy playing with some toys.

Second Stop --- at the school venue. We arranged the whole place. Covered the selves with white cloth and fix the floor area in the sellers room. It was a tiring and fun day. We ordered Pizza for dinner as we discussed some more things. Good thing my son Harvey found this piano. It kept him busy, whew!

Henry arrived to pick us up. I really had fun meeting with the girls.

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C70 said...

Harvey looks so cute!!!