Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Proud Mommy!!!

Yup! Im so proud of my little boy. He just had his exams a week ago. and since this was his first, Im so scared if he will be able to answer questions correctly!!! Last Friday September 12, 2008 this is what i found when i opened his assignment notebook....
My heart pounded so fast... the results are out... I quickly turned the pages to page 10 and guess what???
I'm so proud of my son for getting these grades for the first trimester!!! It made me realize that all sacrifices are all worth taking. Being a SAHM is so worthy and rewarding afterall. I was so happy that we ate lunch out and bought him a prize. I bought him a book!!! And he was so happy!!!


Jennifer said...

WOW! that's great news! Congrats to him! (and you!)

Wendy Smith said...

well done super bright kid