Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrappinmoms Idol round 5 - Supersized it

Ive been wanting to give my blog an update with whats goin' on around but it seems that upto this moments im still overwhelmed wth all thats happening that i find it hard to update my blog. Actually, we are in round 6 of the idols right now but i just want to post about round 5 right now - first.

Neway, I was very lucky to still be in the running for the Scrappinmom Idol. So honored to be among these very talented ladies. For round 5, we were asked to dreate a layout with a supersized photo and make it asymmetric in design. This was the round i spent in the hospital. here is my entry for this... Round 5 entry. And here is the pics of those who are movin on...

thanks for looking!!!

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