Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Day with Harvey in the Zoo!!!

Last September 10, 2008 Harvey had his first field trip to the Ark Avilon Zoo!!! of course, im with him and im so excited too because it is my first visit to that zoo too!!! Actually the weather that day was terrible!!! it rained so hard that there was flood everywhere on our way home. We arrived school aroung 2pm and Henry picked us up around 5:30 pm!!! he was caught in the traffic due to heavy rains and flooding. And it took us forever to get home. What is normally 20 to 30 minutes travel time to our place became 3 hours!!! We reach home 8:30 in the evening. Everyone was so hungry and super tired! Neway, i still had a blast with my boy earlier in the zoo. Sahring to you some of our pics there!

This pic was taken while waiting in the classroom... Harvey with his classmates...
Taken at the entrance of the Ark Avilon Zoo...
Feeding time!!! Harvey was so excited for this!!!
Brave boy.... I have no guts for this!!!

Harvey was so scraed of the owl's big eyes hehehe!

Look at this!!! a Parrot on top of harvey's head.

We just had a great time!!! I love going out with my boy!!!

Now were asking my husband for another visit at the main zoo!!! Im so excited!!! Hope it will be soon!