Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of my Hardest Week...

Yesterday, I was so happy about the grades Harvey got. Henry was so happy too that we went out to have dinner and he bought harvey a toy as his prize! Come Saturday, henry and I were up early because we supposed to have our medical exams taken that day... But when I was about to wake harvey up, He was burning hot!!! he got fever!!! I immediately had his temperature taken and i was surprized to read 39.8! I asked henry to help me give him a quick sponge bath. Then I gave hime medicine to lower his temp. Unfortunately, it has no effect! i became so scared of whats happening to my boy that time. I took his temp again and it rose to 41!!! then after 30 minustes of trying to put his temp down, it even went up more that 42 degrees!!! Henry prepared the car and i was rushing to get his baby book. yes, we are rushing him to the ER!!! I was so afraid of the super high temperature and I was so scared he might have convulsion. We arrived at the ER shortly and Doctors began to take care of him. Since our pedia doctor was in the hospital that time, We went there and have Harvey checked. While we were having his check up, he vomitted so the doctor adviced us to admit Harvey in the hospital. We immediately agreed. Everything happened super fast!!! Yesterday, we were just having a good time celebrating his achievement then the next day, he was being confined to the hospital. I was so tired and i really felt exhausted for the whole week.
I dont have a picture of our first day.. but to tell you, Harvey really felt bad. He was so quiet and cranky!
Our second day at the hospital. Still with fever and good thing my ever reliable Aunt was with me to take care of him!!! Thanks Tita Lina! This was his 3rd day pic. He was with daddy...
This was taken Sept 18 the day before we had our clearance to go home.Harvey pointing at the area where blood samples were taken.On the lighter side, I have a few scrapping deadlines to come too!!! so one time, henry and I was able to go home to get a few stuff, I immediately grab my big bag and put some scrapping stuff in! My husband was like.... "youre going to bring that???" I told him "YES!!!" I have to make a couple of LOs and I have a deadling for my Idol LO. I just could not let my first 4 rounds put in to waste for not submitting for this round. This was very hard because I only have a few stuff with me.. plus the thought that my son is in the hospital. But I also have to do this. I would rather be out of the competition because of a bad Lo rather that be out because I did not even try to submit. The deadline was Thursday 10 am. I just have my pics Wednesday and work on my page Wednesday night. Good thing my husband is always there to support me. ive asked him to submit everything for me in the morning at his office. so I was able to make it!!! I was able to submit my LO for round 5 of Scrappinmoms Idol.

Thursday night, I was able to finish 2 more LOs for my 2 DT work while harvey was sleeping at night. One for Mystical Scrapbooks and the other is for Scrappinkids.

Sharing to you the LO i've made for the Gladiator challenge over at Mystical. We were asked to make a page based on the following criteria...
1). 3 pics,
2). stitching
3). Made use of handmade embellishments (cut out pps)
4). inking (on all edges of pics, pps etc),
5). Used 5 colors (brown, cream, aqua, orange, yellow)
6) doodling
here is my take... Then for Scrappinkids, We are having a weekend of challenges... My challenge is Rub and Stamp and here is my sample LO for it... Im inviting you over at scrappinkids to join us there!!! there will be 7 challenges and 7 prizes to be given away.


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about the crazy week and that he had a fever and felt under the weather. I also wanted to say I really like the LO you posted here too...

Alby said...

Poor Harvey, dami nya needle pricks. Pero cute pa rin and game sa camera.

At bilib naman ako sa yo. Not one, not two, but at least three layouts in the hospital!!! Grabe! Di kaya ng powers ko. :D

Wendy Smith said...

I am so glad that Harvey is doing better and recovering at home now

you did well to get you scrapping done whilst in effort

jonaks said...

hay sa wakas ok na sya. kakaawa ang bata no.

at wow, na ka pagscrapbook ka sa hospital. di ko kaya yun.