Wednesday, May 7, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day!

I woke up early, prepared Harvey then asked Henry if he could drive me to Rekindled Moments, Lasting Impressions and Visual Creations. And Im so happy he said Yes to me... I was so excited---overly excited!
First stop... Rekindled Moments. Jane was in the store fixing all of her new arrivals... When I entered her store, Oh my!!! lots of new scrap goodies!!! She first opened the box containing Kaiser crafts materials. And I really cant help myself! I pick some papers, mini books (they are made of wood!!!) embellishments etc... Then Henry texted me to hurry up because we were still visiting 2 more stores! i told Jane that Ill be back tomorrow to check out her other stuff - Buzz and Bloom! Im a chipboard lover and I cant wait to see them! (I went back Sunday to check her stuff and help her in her store) See what Ive got!

When I went inside the car, Henry asked me... where are going? (in a not-so good mood voice) So waht I did was, instead of going to Vivian's place, I told him to go to Mitch's store because I have to pick something. ( I have this feeling that its super traffic in greenhills area that Henry might snap If i still insisted on going to her store..hahaha) To Ms. Vivian, see all your goodies during the scrapfest... hope they are all still discounted hehehe.

Next stop... Visual Creations. Mitch texted us that theres something new about her store. And when we arrived, not only did she have some new arrivals but she had her store renovated - actually she moved to a larger area!! Wow lots of scrapgoodies again!!! Here's whats inside my bag...

I've also seen some friend there... Nita, Lee, Cabbie, Sym, Mia & Zabeth. It was fun seeing you all there!

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Lee i. said...

Wow lots of goodies! Kakainggit.