Monday, December 15, 2008

I have a lot to share....

Last November 30, (i know this post was long overdue hihihi) Henry and I celebrated our anniversary as sweethearts! Yup we always celebrate this even in a simple manner because I was so use to celebrating our November 30 anniversary( Henry and I were sweethearts for almost 11 years before we got married).
Anyway, nothing really fancy that day... and Harvey was with us. We're planning to watch Twilight but wasnt able to, because Harvey was not allowed to go in. Neway, we just made some mall window shopping and ate Lunch at Fridays! Here are a few of our pics...Harvey was the one who took a picture of us here hihi!!!Harvey and me while waiting for the food to arrive. he would always ask for crayons and color that paper mats...Another picture of us!
And these are photos of the Yummy food we ate!!! Mushroom Chicken and Mushrooms ( I'm so glad your'e back!!!)

And Harvey discovered he loves CORN!!! This is his first time to taste Corn and he loves it!! Poor daddy... this is his favorite also!!! Harvey ate it hahaha!Happy Aniversary Henry!!! I'm so blessed to have you!!! Mwah!


Maybelle said...

Happy Anniversary, Idol Cookie!

Wati Basri said...

happy belated anniversary Cooks!